Complaint Against Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity Committed in Connection With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease' And The Recent War Against Iraq

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The Cartel

The charges presented in this complaint relate to two main fields of crime:

These two fields of crime are directly related and connected by one factor: They are committed in the name and interest of the same corporate investment groups and their political stakeholders. In order to establish the evidence and show the common motives of the accused a short historical review is imperative.

Throughout the 20th century, the pharmaceutical industry was built and organized with the goal of controlling healthcare systems around the world by systematically replacing natural, non-patentable therapies with patentable and therefore profitable synthetic drugs. This industry did not evolve naturally. To the contrary, it was an investment decision taken by a handful of wealthy and unscrupulous entrepreneurs. They deliberately defined the human body as their market place in order to generate further wealth.

The driving force of this investment industry was the Rockefeller Group. They already controlled more than 90% of the petrochemical business in the United States at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century and they were looking for new global investment opportunities. Another investment group active in this field was formed around the Rothschild financial group.

The Cartel and the Second World War

After Rockefeller’s Standard Oil (today EXXON), the second largest pharmaceutical/petrochemical corporate conglomerate during the first half of the 20th century, was the IG Farben conglomerate headquartered in Germany. This corporate conglomerate was the single most important factor for the political rise to power of Hitler and their joint conquest of Europe and the world. In fact, the Second World War was a war of aggression planned, started and conducted on the planning boards of IG Farben. IG Farben was the parent company of IG Auschwitz, the largest Industrial plant of this chemical cartel outside Germany. Much of the wealth of this cartel was built upon the blood and suffering of slave laborers, including those from the Auschwitz concentration camp. IG Farben promoted and used the unscrupulous political rulers of Germany as their willing tools to seek economic dominance over Europe and the rest of the world.

IG Farben was the largest shareholder in Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and vice versa. The victory of the Allied Forces over Nazi-Germany at that time terminated the plans of IG Farben to become the leading pharmaceutical and petrochemical conglomerate in the world. At the same time, Standard Oil and the other pharmaceutical/petrochemical corporations of the Rockefeller consortium became the controlling financial group of this industry and remained so ever since.

In the Nuremberg War Tribunal of 1947 against the managers of the IG Farben Cartel several of them were found guilty and convicted for committing crimes against humanity including mass murder, plundering and other crimes. The Nuremberg War Tribunal also dismantled the IG Farben Cartel into the daughter companies Hoechst, Bayer and BASF. Today, each of these companies is larger than the parent company IG Farben was at that time.

Today the United States of America and Great Britain are the leading export nations of pharmaceutical products in the world. In fact, two out of three pharmaceutical drugs currently marketed globally derive from corporations in these two countries.

Fundamentals of the Pharmaceutical Business

The accused are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people who continue to die from cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases that could have been prevented and largely eliminated long ago.

This premature death of millions of people is neither the result of coincidence nor negligence. It has been willfully and systematically organized on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and its investors with the sole purpose to expand a global drug market worth trillions of dollars.

The market place of the pharmaceutical industry is the human body and its return on investment depends on the continuation and expansion of diseases. Its profits depend on the patentability of drugs rendering this industry the most profitable industry on planet Earth.

In contrast, the prevention and eradication of any disease significantly reduces or totally eliminates the markets for pharmaceutical drugs. Therefore, the pharmaceutical corporations have been systematically obstructing the prevention and the eradication of diseases.

To commit these crimes, the pharmaceutical corporations use a maze of executors and accomplices in science, medicine, the mass media and in politics. The governments of entire nations are manipulated or even run by lobbyists and former executives of the pharmaceutical industry. For decades, the legislation of entire nations has been corrupted and abused to promote this multi-trillion-dollar “business with disease” thereby risking the health and lives of hundreds of millions of innocent patients and people.

A precondition for the rise of the pharmaceutical industry as a successful investment business was the elimination of competition from safe and natural therapies because they are not patentable and their profit margins are small. In addition, these natural therapies can effectively help prevent and eliminate diseases because of their essential roles in cellular metabolism.

As the result of the systematic elimination of natural health therapies and the takeover of the healthcare systems in most countries of the world, the pharmaceutical industry has brought millions of people and almost all nations into dependency upon its investment business.

Pharmaceutical Industry as an Organized Fraud Business

The pharmaceutical industry offers “health” to millions of patients – but does not deliver the goods. Instead it delivers products that merely alleviate symptoms while promoting the underlying disease as a precondition for its future business. To cover the fraud, this industry spends twice the amount of money in covering it up than it spends on research on future therapies.

This organized deception is the reason why this investment business could continue for almost a century behind a strategically designed smoke screen as ‘benefactors’ to humanity. The lives of 6 billion people and the economies of most countries in the world are held hostage by the criminal practices of this industry.

Exposing the Pharmaceutical ‘Business with Disease’

Over the past decade, I have led the effort to unmask the organized fraud of this largest investment industry on earth. I have been instrumental in pointing out that the biggest obstacle for improving the health of the people of our planet is the pharmaceutical industry itself - and its nature as an investment industry driven by the expansion of diseases.

As a scientist, I was privileged to discover the true cause of cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases. Together with my colleagues and others I have also been instrumental in documenting the effective, natural and non-patentable alternatives to the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease.’ The identification of the natural molecules that optimize cellular metabolism enables mankind to prevent and largely eliminate most of today’s most common diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer and many others.

Background of the Current International Crisis and the War of Aggression Against Iraq

Four main factors are currently threatening the survival of the pharmaceutical industry and thereby the very basis of a long-term investment industry worth hundreds of trillions of dollars:

  1. Unsolvable legal conflicts, resulting in an avalanche of class action lawsuits against many pharmaceutical corporations for product liability
  2. Unsolvable scientific conflicts due to the breakthroughs in natural, non-patentable therapies that effectively and largely eradicate diseases as a market place.
  3. Unsolvable ethical conflicts, resulting in the loss of credibility for the entire pharmaceutical business due to the fact that their exorbitant patent fees limit access to medicines for the majority of people and risk premature death for millions.
  4. Unsolvable corporate conflicts. The unmasking of the pharmaceutical business model as an organized fraud.

For decades, the Pharma-Cartel has made every effort to protect its global business with patented drugs and to ban the dissemination of competing non-patentable health alternatives. This effort is conducted at the international level, by infiltration of the European Parliament and the abuse of the World Health Organization and other United Nations Organizations.

Now, with the largest investment industry on planet Earth being exposed as an organized fraud business - haunted by tens of thousands of liability lawsuits - immediate and global industry protection laws have become an urgent measure to cover up these crimes and to cement the continued control of the investment “business with disease” over human health worldwide.

These far-reaching protection laws for an organized fraud-business implied the curtailing of civil rights and other drastic measures that could not be implemented during peacetime. The implementation of these measures required the escalation of an international crisis, a series of military conflicts that deliberately factors in the use of weapons of mass destruction and the triggering of a World War. Only then would there exist a global psychological situation that would allow abandonment of civil rights, passing of martial laws and the global implementation of protection laws allowing the accused to continue their ’business with disease’ and other crimes.

In this situation, the pharmaceutical industry became the single largest corporate donor to the election of George Bush in order to exert direct influence over the most powerful political and military center in the world. With the election of George Bush, the Rockefeller investment group had direct access to the White House, the Pentagon and the political decisions taken there. A similar influence was exerted by the Rothschild group on the government of Tony Blair in Great Britain.

Thus, it was no surprise that the two largest export nations of pharmaceutical products, the United States of America and Great Britain, spearheaded the current international crisis and instigated the war against Iraq. The alleged necessity for this war was presented to the people in America, Great Britain and the world under the false pretence of a global fight against ‘terrorism’, elimination of rogue governments and the crusade against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Thus, the same corporate interest groups and the same political stakeholders responsible for millions of deaths from the continued business with disease are now also responsible for risking the unnecessary death of tens of thousands of innocent people in Iraq and for the death of young soldiers in America, Great Britain and other countries. They are responsible for starting and conducting a war of aggression against Iraq without any international mandate. They are responsible for the enslavement, plunder and other crimes currently being conducted in occupied Iraq.

If these interest groups and their political stakeholders are not held accountable for these crimes immediately, they are likely to continue the escalation of the international crisis with the ultimate risk of a war with weapons of mass destruction.

In this critical and historical situation I am bringing these crimes against humanity, these war crimes and crimes of aggression and of genocide to the attention of the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court and urge him to take immediate action to prevent further crimes and the ultimate disaster, a world war.

Every individual person, government, corporation or organization from anywhere in the world who has suffered from these crimes or wishes to terminate these crimes is called upon to join this complaint.

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