Complaint Against Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity Committed in Connection With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease' And The Recent War Against Iraq

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Historic Precedent For This Complaint

The Nuremberg War Tribunal against executives of the pharmaceutical/petrochemical cartel IG- Farben

More than half a century ago, the Nuremberg War Tribunal took place against the executives of the IG Farben Corporation, the largest pharmaceutical-petrochemical cartel in pre-world-war Europe. The Nuremberg War Tribunal brought to justice those responsible for the Second World War and set the precedent for international prosecution of war crimes and ultimately the International Court in The Hague.

Unbeknown to most people today, the Nuremberg War Tribunal did not only sentence the political and military leaders, but also the corporate executives who brought Hitler to power. 24 executives and managers of IG Farben were indicted in this War Tribunal. US chief prosecutor Telford Taylor stated in his opening statement: “The indictment accuses these men of mature responsibility for visiting upon mankind the most devastating and catastrophic war in human history. It accuses them of wholesale, enslavement, plunder and murder. These are terrible charges.”

And he continued, “These accused corporate executives, not the Nazi lunatics are the principal war criminals. If their crimes are not brought to the daylight and they are not punished, they will commit even larger crimes in the future than Hitler could ever have committed.”

In 1947, the main charges against the IG Farben managers were:

Now, half a century later, the charges in this complaint, are strikingly similar:

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