Complaint Against Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity Committed in Connection With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease' And The Recent War Against Iraq

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Evidence For The Crimes Committed

The evidence for the charges brought in this complaint also relate to two main fields of crimes

1. Evidence Of Genocide And Other Crimes Against Humanity Committed In Connectin With The Pharmaceutical 'Business With Disease'

Specific evidence is presented that the accused are responsible for deliberately maintaining and expanding diseases, purposefully causing new diseases as well as expanding the use of drugs once registered for one disease to as many other diseases as possible.

To accomplish those goals, the accused have strategically designed, implemented, conducted and organized a business fraud scheme on a global scale that by its economic magnitude is unmatched in human history.

  1. The Deliberate Expansion of Disease

    The following specific evidence is presented that today’s most common diseases are deliberately maintained and expanded by the accused, despite the fact that these diseases could have been effectively prevented and largely eradicated saving millions of lives.

    1. Coronary heart disease

      The primary cause of coronary artery disease and heart attacks is a structural weakening and impaired function of the artery wall, which - similar to scurvy – develops as the result of long-term deficiencies of vitamins and other essential nutrients.

      In contrast, pharmaceutical approaches to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease deliberately ignore this cause and focus rather on the treatment of symptoms, such as the reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood.

      Whilst deliberately avoiding curing the disease for which they are marketed, the detrimental side effects of these pharmaceutical drugs cause new diseases. The worldwide death toll from cardiovascular disease as a result of these deliberate crimes of the accused is in excess of 12 million lives every year.

    2. High Blood Pressure

      The primary cause of high blood pressure is an increased tension of the artery wall due to a deficiency of essential nutrients in the arterial smooth muscle cells, leading to narrowing of the artery diameter and a rise in blood pressure. A multitude of clinical studies is available documenting the benefits of non-patentable micronutrients, in particular the amino acid arginine and magnesium. They correct the underlying deficiency in millions of vascular wall cells thereby relaxing the blood vessel walls, increasing blood vessel diameter and helping to normalize high blood pressure,

      Pharmaceutical drugs sold for the treatment of high blood pressure purposely focus on the treatment of symptoms. For example, beta-blockers reduce the heart rate and diuretics reduce the blood volume. These pharmaceutical drugs deliberately avoid correcting the ‘spasms’ of the blood vessel walls as the primary cause of high blood pressure. Thus, whilst deliberately avoiding curing the disease, these pharmaceutical drugs have long-term detrimental side effects potentially causing a multitude of new diseases - and thereby new drug markets.

      Worldwide several hundred million high blood pressure patients remain uncured as a direct result of these actions by the accused and their death toll is rising daily.

    3. Heart Failure

      The primary cause of heart failure is lack of cellular biocatalysts, certain vitamins, minerals, carnitine, coenzyme Q10 and other bioenergy carriers in millions of heart muscle cells. This results in impaired heart pumping function and accumulation of water in the body.

      In contrast, pharmaceutical approaches for the treatment of heart failure deliberately ignore this fact and focus on symptoms. Diuretics marketed for the treatment of heart failure not only eliminate water accumulated in the body but also wash out vitamins, minerals and other water-soluble bioenergy carriers. Thus, the pharmaceutical drugs marketed for heart failure actually worsen the disease and they are responsible for the short life expectancy of heart failure patients once diuretic medication sets in.

      Whilst deliberately avoiding curing the disease, these pharmaceutical drugs flush out essential nutrients from the body, thereby aggravating the underlying cause of the disease. Worldwide over one hundred million heart failure patients remain uncured and eventually die prematurely as a direct result of the actions by the accused.

    4. Irregular heartbeat

      The primary cause of irregular heartbeat is lack of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, ubiquinone and other bioenergy carriers, in millions of electrical heart muscle cells. This results in impaired generation or conduction of the electrical impulses required for normal heartbeat. A recent double blind placebo-controlled study has unequivocally documented that the therapeutic use of micronutrients is an effective safe and affordable way to correct the health condition underlying irregular heart beat.

      In contrast, pharmaceutical approaches for the treatment of irregular heartbeat deliberately ignore this fact and focus instead on symptoms. Anti-arrhythmic drugs marketed to treat arrhythmia frequently worsen the irregular heartbeat and cause cardiac arrest and the premature death of patients.

      A decade ago the author Thomas Moore documented in his book “Deadly Medicine” that one new class of anti-arrhythmic drugs in the USA alone had caused more deaths than the number of US casualties in the Vietnam War. Worldwide over one hundred million patients with irregular heartbeat remain uncured as a direct result of these actions by the accused and their death toll is rising daily.

    5. Cancer

      Until recently cancer has been considered a death verdict. Recent advances in natural health and cellular medicine have fundamentally changed that. For this disease too, it is now obvious that medical research with non-patentable therapies has been deliberately neglected and excluded by the accused in favor of ineffective drugs that allow the continuation of the cancer epidemic as one of their most profitable markets. Because of the extraordinary significance of the crimes committed by the accused in connection with the cancer epidemic it is presented here in more detail.

      It is a scientific fact that all cancers spread by the same mechanism, the use of collagen digesting enzymes (collagenases, metalloproteinases). The therapeutic use of the natural amino acid lysine – especially together with other non-patentable micronutrients - can block these enzymes and thereby inhibit the spread of cancer cells. All types of cancer studied thus far respond to this therapeutic approach including breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, fibroblastoma, synovial cancer and any other forms of cancer.

      The only reason why this breakthrough in medicine has not been investigated further and applied in the treatment of cancer patients worldwide is the fact that these substances are not patentable and therefore has low profit margins. More importantly, any effective treatment of any disease ultimately leads to its eradication and to the destruction of a multi-trillion-dollar market of pharmaceutical drugs.

      The pharmaceutical drug marketing for cancer patients has been particularly fraudulent and malicious. Under the pretence of treating cancer using the cover-term ‘chemo-therapy’ toxic substances, including derivatives of mustard gas, are applied to patients. The fact that these toxic agents also destroy millions of healthy cells in the body is deliberately factored in.

      Knowing this fact, the following consequences were deliberately taken into account: First, cancer would continue as a global epidemic, providing the economic basis for a multi-trillion-dollar continued business with this disease. Secondly, the systematic application of toxic agents in the form of chemotherapy causes an epidemic of new diseases in cancer patients receiving these toxic substances.

      As a result of this strategy, the pharmaceutical drug market from treating the dangerous side effects of these drugs – including infections, inflammation, bleeding, organ failure etc. – is even bigger than the market of the chemotherapy drugs itself. Thus, the accused also applied their organized deception scheme also to the detriment of hundreds of millions of cancer patients with one purpose only: their financial enrichment.

    6. AIDS and other Infectious Diseases

      Similar deliberate deception schemes were applied for the treatment of one of the most deadly epidemics in human history, AIDS. Already 10 years ago scientific studies have shown that vitamin C is able to reduce the replication of the HIV-Virus by more than 99%. This fact has been known to the accused for more than a decade.

      Deliberately ignoring and bypassing this safe and affordable non-patentable treatment, the accused developed patentable drugs against AIDS, with severe side-effects and - due to their exorbitant patent royalties - unaffordable to the great majority of the people on this planet. Thus, by applying their criminal business scheme, the accused are guilty of risking the lives and causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of people in Africa, South America, Asia and all the other regions of the world.

      In a similar way, they have boycotted the information that the single most important measure to enhance immunity against infectious diseases is an optimum intake of vitamins B6, B12, Folic Acid and certain other essential nutrients. It is a scientific fact that these biocatalysts of cellular metabolism increase the production of leucocytes, the body’s main weapon against any infection. By systematically withholding this information, particularly from hundreds of millions of children and adults in the developing world, the pharmaceutical industry deliberately risks the lives of hundreds of millions of people in these areas of the world. All the accused know that hardly anyone in these areas of the world can afford pharmaceutical treatments and they will consequently die.

      Withholding this lifesaving information about natural, non-patentable alternatives to prevent and fight infectious diseases, not only leads to the death of millions of people, but also to the ruin of the economies of many developing countries. As a direct result the already existing imbalance in the current world economy is dramatically aggravated. These countries are deliberately placed in a conflict where they can only lose.

    7. Other diseases

      In a similar way, other degenerative, inflammatory, infectious diseases and many other of today’s most common diseases only continue to exist as health problems because the accused have defined them and protect them as the markets for their criminal ‘business with disease.’


    1. Deliberately Expanding Diseases and Causing New Diseases in Patients to Expand Pharmaceutical Drug Markets

      To expand their markets the following groups of drugs are manufactured and marketed by the accused deliberately, in spite of their known detrimental side effects. In a criminal manner, the accused are deliberately causing new diseases under the pretense of fighting existing ones. The fact that these new diseases caused by the side effects of these drugs surface many years later is used as an additional cover for this deceptive scheme:

      Cholesterol-lowering drugs, particularly statins and fibrates are mass-marketed under the pretense of preventing cardiovascular disease. These drugs are known to induce cancer at doses currently administered to millions of patients worldwide.

      Chemotherapy drugs are marketed to allegedly treat cancer. In fact, they cause a series of severe side effects the most frequent of which is setting off new cancers. The entire criminal marketing scheme around chemotherapy can only work because the accused have rendered cancer a death verdict – and even a few month’s survival of a patient on chemotherapy is being marketed by the accused as a success story.

      Aspirin is mass-marketed under the false pretense of preventing heart attacks and strokes, whilst long-term use of this drug is known to cause an destroy collagen and therefore gradually increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes as well as other diseases such as stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding.

      Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to treat pain and inflammation, e.g. in arthritis. However, many of these drugs destroy connective tissue, e.g. the joints. With their long-term use these drugs aggravate the health problems rather than healing them.

      Calcium antagonists are mass-marketed under the false pretense of treating high blood pressure and preventing heart attacks, whilst long-term use of these drugs is known to cause an increase in heart attacks, strokes and other diseases.

      Estrogen and other hormone drugs are mass-marketed under the false pretense of preventing osteoporosis and heart disease, whilst long-term use of these drugs is known to cause cancer in more than 30% of the women taking them. Particularly frequent forms of cancer caused by these drugs are hormone dependent cancers such as cancer of the breast and uterus.

      Tranquilizers and anti-depressants. Another mechanism by which the accused systematically expand their markets is to deliberately cause addiction in order to increase drug sales. Many tranquillizers and anti-depressants, including widespread diazepam (‘Valium’) are known to cause dependency and addiction. In order to expand their global sales of these addictive drugs, the accused even praise them through full-page adverts directly to the public.

      Other drugs. Since patentability is a precondition for the pharmaceutical investment business typical pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic molecules and therefore toxic to the human body. For almost all drugs the same fraudulent business principle is valid – alleviate symptoms short term whilst, at the same time causing damage and gradually generating new diseases as the basis for new drug markets.

  3. Expanding their drug markets to new diseases

    In executing their crimes, the accused deliberately extend their existing pharmaceutical drug market by inventing new health conditions for which they recommend the drugs that had previously been recommended for other diseases. As first evidence the following examples are presented here:

    Headache pills allegedly prevent heart disease. Aspirin was developed as a headache and pain relief pill and is now being mass-marketed and recommended by the accused for long-term use, even by healthy individuals for the alleged prevention and treatment of heart disease and other severe health conditions.

    Antibiotics allegedly fight coronary heart disease. In order to extend the global market for their antibiotic drugs, the accused fabricated and spread the so-called “bacteria-theory” of heart attacks on a worldwide scale. Without any clinical evidence that chlamydia or other bacteria actually cause atherosclerosis or heart attacks the accused criminally promoted the general use of antibiotics even for healthy individuals with the false pretense of preventing heart attacks.

    These are just a few examples of the practices by the accused to systematically expand the use of their drugs to other diseases. In fact this marketing scheme is not the exception, but the rule. The list of crimes committed in this context should be amended and completed during further investigation.

  4. Crimes Connected With The Systematic Infiltration Of Various Sectors Of Society With The Purpose To Facilitate Committing These Crimes

    The accused have systematically and deliberately infiltrated medicine and the health sectors of most countries in the world to create financial and other dependencies in order to conduct their ‘business with disease’ and commit other crimes. Medical research is not performed with the primary object to find the most effective, safest and most affordable treatment against a disease, but with the goal to identify the largest disease markets and to achieve the highest gains in that market for the drug manufacturer. As part of this strategy over recent decades, the accused systematically removed from the training programs at medical schools the knoeledfge about effective, but non-patentable natural therapies. They purposely producing generations of doctors with little or no knowledge about the life-saving health benefits of these natural therapies. Simultaneously, therapeutic education at medical schools was taken over by the newly created departments named pharmacology. Thus, over decades generations of doctors have been leaving medical schools practically as a trained sales force for the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’. In order to hide this strategy, patented drugs were portrait as ‘scientific’ and even baptized ‘ethical drugs’ whereas non-patentable natural therapies were discredited as ‘unscientific.’

    In a similar way the accused have systematically and deliberately infiltrated the mass media around the world, creating financial and other dependencies, disseminate deceptive and false information in order to conceal their criminal practices, promote their ‘business with disease’ and commit other crimes.

    The accused have deliberately and systematically abused the legislative and political system of most nations to pass laws, establish regulations and promote other measures with the purpose to expand their sales of ineffective, unsafe but lucrative pharmaceutical drugs. The accused abused their political influence to coerce legislation that would allow them to appropriate trillions of dollars under the cover of ‘health insurance’ and other public and private health funds. By promoting their fraudulent ‘business with disease’ they have taken this money from individuals, corporations and governments around the world by requesting payment for ineffective and harmful therapies. Thereby, the accused secure exorbitant gains for the pharmaceutical industry and causing unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people.

    The accused have purposely and systematically infiltrated and abused the European Parliament and other regional and international bodies including the United Nations Organizations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and other national and international political bodies to commit their crimes against humanity.

  5. Crimes Connected With The Systematic Obstruction Of Effective, Non-Patentable Health Measures

    To protect their artificial investment business with disease, the accused tried to strategically eliminate access of the people of the world to non-patentable natural therapies. To accomplish this goal the accused used several strategic measures:
    1. 1.5.1. Now that all peaceful efforts to protect the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ have failed, the accused refrain to another strategy. They are deliberately escalating an international crisis, including wars, in order to create the psychological and legal precondition that would allow an immediate and global implementation of protectionist laws and cement the continuation of their ‘business with disease’ and the other crimes of which they are accused.

2. Evidence Of Genocide, Crimes Of War And Other Crimes Against Humanity Committed In Connection With The War Of Aggression Against Iraq

The accused are committing the crime of deliberately escalating an international crisis including wars of aggression towards a war that includes weapons of mass destruction.

The accused have been consistently abusing the tragedy of September 11th for the purpose of building up an international crisis scenario, which they ultimately used as a justification for their war of aggression.

Whilst the accused maximized the psychological factor of this tragedy they have blocked an official investigation into the actual events and the background of September 11th. It was The White House itself that blocked the institution of an independent commission for over a year.

Thus whilst the facts about this tragedy are not fully disclosed to the public the events of September 11th have been abused as the justification for the international crisis situation ever since.

Whilst failing to disclose any convincing evidence about September 11th they abused this tragedy to conquer the country of Afghanistan. The military conquest of Afghanistan was followed by the plundering of its natural resources, by the accused, for their financial gain.

In a similar way the accused used this pretense to conquer the next country, Iraq. Under cover of fighting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the accused were trying to coerce the world community into a war of aggression against Iraq.

Despite the fact that the great majority of the UN Security Council, the vast majority of the member states of the UN and overwhelming world opinion opposed this war, the accused still launched their attack.

The war planned, started and conducted by the accused was a war without any international mandate and therefore constituted a war of aggression and a crime against humanity. If the accused are not brought to justice for this crime, the entire system of international law as designed after the Second World War to protect mankind from destruction, will collapse.

In the absence of any international mandate the only justification left for the accused to commit this criminal act, was to fabricate a pretense - their alleged search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Today the entire world knows that this too was a deception.

During their war of aggression against Iraq, tens of thousands of Iraq people – soldiers and civilians alike – were killed. Killing of that magnitude during a war without any international mandate constitutes the crime of genocide.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of innocent people – many of them children - were injured, mutilated, or suffered physical or mental harm caused by the criminal acts of the accused.

Moreover, the accused purposefully and systematically seized the oil fields and other natural resources of Iraq with the purpose to exploit them to enrich themselves. To cover up their crimes the accused disseminate the false justification that their seizure of the oil resources would be in the interests of and to the benefit of the Iraqi people.

With the occupation of Iraq and the appropriation of its resources in a war of aggression, the accused also committed the crime of plundering and seizing the enemy’s property.

The accused systematically promoted this crisis escalation to further curtail civil rights through so-called ‘anti-terror’ laws. To deceive the people while committing their crimes these laws were deliberately given deceptive names, e.g. ‘Homeland Security Act’, or ‘Patriot-Act’, thereby coercing political support for the abandonment of civil rights.

Whilst systematically organizing this escalation the accused also deliberately abused the media distraction and made their first moves trying to implement protectionist laws on behalf of the pharmaceutical cartel. Largely unbeknown to the US Congress at that time, a provision was inserted into the Homeland Security Act granting immunity to drug makers from product liability law suits.

This is but a short synopsis of the crimes of war and crimes against humanity committed by the accused and of their strategy to abuse these war crimes to continue crimes of even larger magnitude, such as cementing their global ‘business with disease’.

In the course of the further investigation of these war crimes, all available resources must be used to bring the accused to justice. This includes particularly all information available through the United Nations organizations, the UN weapons inspectors, documentation of war crimes from Iraqi and international sources and all other available sources.

The people of the world will demand to be part of this process and contribute documentation about these war crimes in order to accelerate the process of justice.

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