Concrete Rainforest - Article found in "New Energy News"

The Importance of Water: In times where pollution is a global issue, the quality and safety of today's water is definitely questionable. Water authorities claim that it is perfectly safe while scientific findings argue the opposite. Who do we believe?... What is the truth?... Is our health in jeopardy and if so, what are the solutions?...  

Water resources being "privatised" (put onder the control of the multinational corporations)

The crazy cow &BSE

Food Radiations


Electromgnetic pollution

Fuels - Water and other alternatives

Does cigarette smoke pollute?
Official propaganda tells us almost daily about the incredible numbers of deaths ostensibly caused by smoking, and they even invented "passive smoking" as a cause of disease and death. Why not have a look at the other side of the argument. There are some studies and court decisions about the smoke screen, which is designed to divert attention from all kinds of officially sanctioned pollution (both electromagnetic and chemical) and blame smoking for the damage.