Who Controls The Federal Reserve System?
The following article is about the (US) Federal Reserve and their owners. It is about money creation by the banks and about who owns that money. The implications are staggering but are not limited to the USA alone. The situation is the same all over the world. Commercial banks have - by some mystical faith-based system - arrogated to themselves the right to "create" our money and to "lend" us that money against interest. This is modern slavery with a financial twist. Our governments have become the banks' collection agents, with tax offices using the strong arm enforcement tactics usually reserved to mafia bosses, to subdue anyone unwilling or unable to pay. Economists are the "high priests" of the mystical faith in financial institutions' superiority over the will and lives of ordinary people.

Are we being told the truth about the Trade Center attacks? -

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WTC - is a terrorist attack going to be reason enough to take our freedoms away?

If we listen to what US president Bush has to say, we better brace for difficult times to come. The following is a comment by Jacob Levich, a writer living in Queens, New York.

World Trade Organization - WTO

The UN - World TRade Orgtanization is preparing us for the takeover of a world government, that will be controlling everything and everyone down to the most intimate details. Commerce is being "liberalized", that is, countries are being told not to interfere with the sales investment, profit repatriation and exploitation of resources, by multinational corporations. The UN - World Trade Organization is a spearhead of the globalizers and is out to enforce their plans.

Read about the issue in the WTO - Shrink or sink statement.

Global Trade Watch

Money and debt

Prof. Giacinto Auriti

Auriti teaches that money is a counterpart to the production of who works. Therefore, at the moment of emission, money is not to be considered property of the bank, but must be directly accredited for free to people's accounts.
In July/August of the year 2000, Auriti initiated a monetary experimentin his home town Guardiagrele, printing and putting into circulation a "popular money" called Simec. The acrenym stands for "Econometric symbol of induced value". Find more information at the following links:


Josef Hasslberger has written on the question of employment, money and interest. His views are based on the teachings of Silvio Gesell, a German/Argentinian businessman turned economist in the early part of the twentieth century.